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A Just Business Australia desires to create a positive example of a just business. We’re not just a business, we’re a just business committed to creating opportunities for emerging artisans, championing social enterprises and celebrating humanity. We source handmade, fair trade and social enterprise products then market them to socially conscious Australians who believe that there is no need to compromise justice in their pursuit of customer satisfaction.

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A Just Business Blog

  • There are few things more inhumane than living a life where every decision is choosing between the lesser of two evils. The complicated web of poverty leaves people caught between a rock and a hard place with no easy way out. Do I choose to just exist or die? Do I beg or go hungry? Should I engage in prostitution to ensure my children go to school or live with the fact that I cannot afford an education for my kids? Should we eat while my child remains sick or buy medicine for my child and the whole family go hungry? Should go overseas to provide for my family and run the risk of not seeing ...

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  • ssl-certificate

    When you're shopping with us you don't worry need to worry about a thing. We have an SSL Certificate which protects your details. So now you can not only shop with us knowing that the products you buy are great quality and ethically reliable but also that your details and transactions are safe and se...

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  • Asma-KhatunTailor-1-406x270

    I'm no fashion guru and certainly not into The Next Top Model or other TV shows that talk about the latest 'panache ensembles'. In fact, I'm sure my choice of words give away my lack of style straightaway! But I do know that what we wear reveals a lot about us. If ...

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  • 1010406_257553207754483_30631826_n

    Thank you Sarah for giving these rag dolls a home. We hope Caty's still enjoying them. We appreciate your support for our business initiative.

    "So excited to have received Caty's rag dolls! Aren't they amazing! If you would like some for...

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  • craftmaker3

    Check out one of our partners, The Paper Project Inc. They are a a social business that produces and exports handicrafts made by women in the...

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